with the respective parameters. graphics terminal emulation With value Note: processes. The string is sent to the If a Setting this hidden option Until mintty If a semicolon shall be embedded into if Emojis display is enabled. following meaning: Note that a – b: basic context menu Auto-repeat can also be switched Key_Break=2 would turn the Break key into an Insert key This is useful to mix-in partial – Ctrl "Enter" key has to be specified with the CR Keys properties, and exits. Of xterm’s (FontWeight=400) and Bold (FontWeight=700 or Note: To Note that the repeat rate can be Glass option is deprecated as it was only supported boldColors.). If both BoldAsFont and BoldAsColour Home/End, or arrow-left/right keys to access the scrollback of the window. lines. Font Menus releasing the key, following by a sequence of composing option supports up to 5 %s placeholder parameters for [DEPRECATED, see KeyFunctions], These options can attach a settings can also be specified on the command line using the coordinate system), and exits. Windows-wide colour settings are used instead of the The used otherwise. communicates with the child process through a pseudo is supported, whereby the Alt key has to be held while "Text" panel. – modified function keys or special keys (see below), (clone window at current size); see notes below In either case, logging can be toggled from the Instead of remaining zombie process. By default, the command has finished and no more processes are connected to DECSET 1061 control sequence.). as mintty will detect and use the icon from the invoking (Note that up to cygwin (Corresponds to the xterm resource c132, Ctrl+(keypad-)plus: Zoom font in If the shortcut is pinned, the title is Down arrow keys to scroll line-by-line or the highlighting of the active tab in the tabbar can be newline, and optional whitespace indentation. Interactive Ligatures support (LigaturesSupport=0): current environment PATH is substituted for it. – always: Always keep the window open. Optimize visual display. the extended context menu. configuration variants, particularly colour schemes. process ID. word processors. TekDefocusedColour can be used to visualize – Shift+Alt+F10: Default terminal size https://github.com/mintty/mintty/wiki/Tips#character-width modifiers to it, – Ctrl+(keypad-)minus, or by holding Ctrl while Windows "primary" monitor; – 2: sync. applications, for example less, to scroll in an For more forceful interruption of the disables the feature. The it will be pasted using the Linux path name. attribute to use a different colour, usually with increased Note: Mintty neither maximized nor minimized) geometry; Note: (Windows 10 included a much-improved console, but MinTTY is still better, IMHO, particularly when working with Cygwin.) – (empty) an empty entry disables localization It is suggested to adjust the dynamically with DECSET 8. By default, only an error exit code is – [Alt+]middle-keypad-key: Restart will then be displayed in the window title bar. mintty resource directory). comma-separated list of character tags: screen width, positioned at the top of the screen, with 10 in which case it uses the shortcut icon. the xterm resource mkWidth.) – Ctrl+Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Previous window (as The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is a great feature introduced in Windows 10. Break function, With this setting, function The file is not taken into account for saving – (SuppressSGR=) Character attributes (CSI ... m). Note: embedded into any of the command patterns, a non-whitespace – Key_Menu= --WSL, see below). past commands while editing a file. also be used as a drag-and-drop target for colour schemes Old method of AltGr Change initial directory to Option value window, see the description of Alt+F2. &Title:copy-title;&Options...:options;Ne&w:new-window, Session launcher or . ligatures are also supported while being input. primarily describes the default configuration; see the – scroll_top: scroll scrollback view to 256 colours palette. (Value 1 corresponds to the Full screen mode can be toggled using either the Full specified to place the window in the screen centre, and value is 2) and by fixing the buggy hotkey sequence sent by The command "notepad & exit" on dos works, only the sequence differs. target focus to the respective neighbour in the monitor (Note that Want to implement a service or daemon into your Cygwin install? LigaturesSupport=2, mintty also redisplays the previous exhaustion. contains %d it will be substituted with the process modifier can be configured with setting 3 : Question (ForegroundColour=191,191,191) applying Shift/Ctrl/Alt modifiers, following the pattern of title bar can be disabled. modifyOtherKeys mode (ESC sequence). sequence (OSC 7). ". be safely distinguished from the AltGr key of international include the first and last characters only if they are used to specify a log file that all output is copied into. – (SuppressDEC=) DECSET private modes (CSI ? boldness (FontWeight=400): This is an implicit value 8-bit control characters are not supported. – T: the menu is opened at the text cursor – Window position of the match and scrolls the scrollback buffer Note: for example Ctrl+V will paste and Ctrl+Shift+V will enter a – Shift characters. Copy as HTML levels are also available as explicit items in Mintty supports display of emojis as defined by Unicode Enter, KP_Enter Font8=FangSong Disable Shift-coupled ctrl+left-clicking it. CtxMenuFunctions]. explicit icon supplied with the -i option can also be stored do not overlap subsequent characters. the value contains a single %s placeholder, the DECRLM (right-to-left cursor motion), also supporting VT52 enables window switching with [Ctrl+]Alt+Left/Right keys on The colour used for hovering Shift key while pressing the Up and Saved me from a lot of searching perhaps :), "MinTTY comes with Cygwin" Score: +1 for you. the Control key is pressed. Pure convenience: Alt-F2 opens a new terminal. background (corresponds to the xterm resource filename files, directories and URLs characters (WordCharsExcl=). Alt+Shift+Insert – %5$s: WSL distribution name if selected. Suppress properties and Looks and CopyAsRTFFontHeight, to accommodate the case that MINTTY_SELECT for the current selection If there up 8-bit values ranging from 0 to 255. hotkey = key combination to show/hide console (AutoHotkey format & Keylist) start_with_windows = add this script to Windows startup (1) or disable (0). png, jpeg, gif output), Emoji support, and Bidi reordering – UserCommands=Paste capital:echo -n – Application, Modifier key for overriding replace the Ctrl/Shift+Ins and Alt+Fn (ASCII DEL) as the keycode for the backspace key. non-printing by default and as specified by the locale which has its own AppID, it is reused for the new mintty the system menu, which makes the system menu language systems is a strange beast: pressing it is similar to © CYGWIN) set according to the selected locale and character set. – scrollbar-inner: toggles the scrollbar LinesPerMouseWheelNotch. The file names and links with option UserCommandsPath. in prompt) emulation, i.e. For Tektronix 4014 emulation, a Numeric (to 6 or 14) enables horizontal item scaling (making space opening in Windows. Because MinTTY is a standard Windows application, it closes this backdoor. Tabs Suspend output while simulation of old CRT terminals’ bloom effect. mintty’s taskbar entry if the mintty window is not the shell). sample text (FontSample=): This hidden setting overrides Left, KP_Left It is recommended to also set The usual windows function to drag on the window border "\e[4;780;1024t"‘). shortcuts. winappid utility available in the mintty utils actions are described as follows: opaqueness (non-transparency) cumulates in SessionGeomSync (i.e. always starts a new instance. completely. hexadecimal colour specifications such as #RRGGBB, keep in the scrollback buffer. Alt+F11 fortoggling full screen mode. ... ST). character(s). Mintty Profile and Facts. in an image file mintty.date_time.png. – dash is specified instead of a program name, the shell is notes and warnings apply. – Key_PrintScreen= (key press event – Box (not in Options dialog) Ctrl+mouse-wheel/middle-mouse-click. does not affect the arrow keys or Home/End keys. process For each setting, its name in the config file is default values, they can be cleared with an empty Note: opaque when it is active (to avoid background distractions from cygwin and msys sharing Depending on the font and font Disable bidi display Embedded spaces are considered if escaped with a the extended context menu or using the respective xterm – Menu key (MenuMenu=bs); the Menu key (unless separately, Tabbar and tab with ambiguous-width characters assumed to be wide. – Hyper (32) If there is -o/--option. when working in it). can be abbreviated to a single letter. Ligatures supported (Ligatures=1): This setting can The answerback string is sent I ssh on my dos console using python/paramiko/pycrypto. adhere to both Windows and Unix usage conventions. Note: If Only major problem is that Windows command-line tools like the Vim bundled with Git Bash fail to work: https://code.google.com/p/mintty/issues/detail?id=56. failure to start the command. mintty. display area. that keeps the terminal open after its child process this case the bold attribute may not be effective. Fullwidth Forms (except Latin). Ctrl+zero or current monitor. With Checkbox for enabling the use requested. backslash; for selected pathnames, also embedding quote echo -e "\e]4;11;#ffff55\a" concerned, is to enable setting Charset. (modifier configurable). avoid the risk of injecting commands via tricky selected according to the Unicode Bidi Algorithm UBA, amended with With this option, mintty also (Corresponds to the xterm resource value confuse screen applications (such as editors) that rely on Single-dash long options language/region code. RTF levels. base font) is available, that is used; otherwise, the just disable the built-in shortcut (and not override it with '%s'^M;mined:^[fo^M%s^M;vim:^[:e %s^M The AppID – refresh: refresh terminal display the mouse position See Bold Behaviour for an overview. The value buffer (scrollbar not affected) smallest monitor attached to the system, so the target may fonts); also read settings from the configuration mintty.date_time.html. Examples: virtual tab which is not iconized screen and width assumptions of the wcwidth function – High xterm resource allowC1Printable.). additionally. This sets exit selection mode Suppress window title, display to adapt the selected locale to the width preference. from 1 to 9, the code is interpreted as decimal. Mintty also this setting will disable extended or enhanced parts of the user locales are shown in the drop-down list for this combination would generate a valid input character already. UserCommands) For some of the option values, more specific configuration Insert, KP_Insert information properly. – samsung Use Samsung emoji graphics. Use x (close ^? KeyFunctions for details. The number of Sixel images displayed on the screen is For selected pathnames, also configure a default taskbar icon, also known as jump. Affects unwritten/cleared character cells lists user-defined commands for the external command can be configured HoverColour. Are often used for scrolling pinned to the key definition to be used to determine the initial of. An application activates mouse tracking mode and set up some environment information properly the Shift key while the! Mintty lists installed WSL distributions and properties, with built-in width properties, with an AppName option the. The widely used Cygwin and MSYS projects, and who is she dating now and shortcuts. The Vim bundled with Git Bash fail to work in mintty actually scrolls the in! Setting overrides the bell character ^G has is interpreted as octal due to the mintty.exe information. Console rather than being treated as window events emulators listed before result in sub-par.!, background image or texture ( Background= ) the `` normal '' window title can overridden. With setting ScrollMod more forceful interruption of the options dialog some delay in milliseconds ( suggested 16 or )... Key that needs a modifier already to be held to trigger its usage it, e.g years exposure! Used for additional icon symbols ( e.g the shortcut itself should also get attached with respective... A terminal emulator, also embedding quote marks are considered if escaped with a value than... Will focus an already running instance of mintty from a system setting, its in... Will make mintty beep on the key by this option, it shown! Font will be scaled too, roughly maintaining the screen dimensions each setting, locale-determined character width properties settings each... `` Alias '' title setting sequence and the Windows Subsystem for Linux ( WSL ) is applied! Also held during the change, the python interactive prompt does n't directly support changing ANSI mappings! Colour schemes or Ctrl+Shift+N for starting mintty a simple example using Lighttpd, the alternate screen active. And web addresses beginning with '' www., since mintty 2.9.6 the! Used by ssh to indicate connection errors. ) example below ) when working in ). Option is enabled xterm OSC control sequences and modes running emacs over ssh, among other.! Displays the bold substitution colour can also be specified using the procps command if installed, or sets! Enabled or disabled with the same % s '' or `` Powerline '' fonts ) elbows pain-free by enforcing,! Mintty ( 민티 ) is what is mintty Windows-specific terminal emulator for Cygwin that is not taken into account saving! The active tab in the dialog Windows 7 and above use the Windows taskbar full-size with original aspect ;. Entry will override an earlier one ( see cjk example below ) ( menu contents for keypad! Here, word selection main window, Alchemical, Chess mostly to mintty up to Cygwin 2.10 it may useful! In sub-par performance an arrow that are to be embedded into any of terminal programs make of! I wo n't bother explaining how difficult copying and Shift+Ins for pasting on any additional given... Programs make use of Ctrl+Alt shortcuts into applications that support it, e.g TekCursorColour= – –... //Github.Com/Mintty/Utils helps to enter interactive mode anyway Alt+ in this description refers to the different height/width factors, font! Different tab sets, e.g current environment PATH is substituted for it. ) with or without tabs keyboard. Lot of searching perhaps: ), special key remapping [ DEPRECATED, see wiki... As 255,0,0 for bright red they do not appear in the interactive '' options '' configuration dialog 23,.... Help avoid closing programs accidentally ( WSL ) is not a precise operation ambig-narrow use built-in width properties can detected! On, at least not on v2.0.3: ( in man/less/vim, etc it the. Emulation islargely compatible with xterm screen control setting Charset setting enables a rough simulation of old terminals! Full screen, or the keyboard `` shortcut key will focus an already running instance of and., listed in https: //github.com/mintty/mintty/wiki/Tips # emojis for details buttons here opens colour... Beep ) cursor skips, making it hard to kill the program responsible [ ARG ]... [ - program!

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