About Me

I wouldn’t say I have multiple personalities . . . but maybe one of me would. 2016-07-03 19.40.35-1There are basically three parts to me – there’s me as Wife to my husband, me as Mother to my three daughters, and me as Writer.

Wife became so when she married Bryan in 2005. She didn’t know what she was doing, and she still doesn’t. But neither does Bryan, so they work together to make a happy, healthy home.

Then, there’s Mother. Mother has many sides, and not just the ones hanging over her jeans. Kind, nurturing, encouraging, funny, patient, busy, tired, frustrated, cold, sarcastic, bloated. Anything is possible.

Writer has always been a part of me. Even when I didn’t realize it, I was always naturally drawn to writing (and reading) as my form of expression. Speaking, eh, not as much, but written words – that’s how I tell a story.

So, those are the three parts of me – The Three Mes. We work pretty well together, and for the most part, we get along.